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Here are the results of my research of the Questions Me and Seth created.
Gentiles came from all different nationalities but mainly from countries around Europe. They helped the Jews in many ways like sheltering them in their homes and giving them food one man even wrote letters of protection that saved over 8,000 people and he made safe houses that saved over 3000 Jews! One of our questions (Why did the Gentiles Risk Helping the Jews?) is more of an opinion Question so there wasn’t much I could research. The name that stuck out the most to me was Carl Lutz who saved thousands of Jews but another two that are very well known names are Irna Sendler who saved 2500 Jewish children and Queen Elisebith of Belgium. In my research I found many more successful efforts by the gentiles than non successful but I think that was because I really didn’t look for unsuccessful attempts. I found that in my research most of the efforts were listed as individual efforts as opposed to group efforts. Even though I bet these amazing people probably had some helpers.