Why Focus...

Why focus on the math
The rhyme,
The reason
We all get hung up on the big questions
And don’t have time to see the little things
We focus on the things that don’t matter
Making us unable to see the big picture
We are all blind to the workings of the world when we are born
Why die blind?
People see the things that they are told are important
But never are important to the things that see them
So I say don’t worry about the big things in life
Focus on the little things that make you happy
For the big picture is something that you paint for yourself

I AM … what I choose to be

I WONDER …what I will choose
I HEAR …everything like a tsunami of sound
I SEE … what I want to see but acknowledge everything
I WORRY …about nothing
I WANT … everyone to be like this

I PRETEND …to care
I TOUCH …the world
I WORRY … about other people who don’t think this way
I AM …a thinker

I UNDERSTAND …what I have learned
I DREAM …of what I want to dream
I HOPE …to one day spread my thinking
I AM … what I choose to be