I AM…a leader
I WONDER … why people overreact to change
I HEAR … falsified rumors about my decisions
I SEE … citizens angry over lies and myths
I WORRY … that people will continue to believe these myths
I WANT … the opponent to stop the spread of scare tactics

I PRETEND …this does not bother me
I FEEL … I have to set an example to keep the peace
I TOUCH … the falsehood of present-day media
I WORRY … that people will forget about change
I CRY …WHY?!! Why don’t people want a change in the system
I AM … a leader

I UNDERSTAND … their worries
I SAY … it is okay and the decisions will improve the community
I DREAM … that people will accept change
I HOPE … that people will stop believing the myths
I AM … President Obama

Free Verse Poem
Everything we do
Must be for the best
Interest of our community
We can’t stand by as the world advances
We can’t stop their progress
But we can
Have our own advancements
As the world goes by
We must not stop
But we must advance with them
And stay united
To ensure success